I've been there.. it was great!!!! Loads of photographs so all I need now is a scanner and you will see a nice story on this page... It might take a while, but it will be worth it!! Just to keep your eyes on this I put a little bit here already...

I left this cold and flat country called Holland, got into a plane and off to Thailand, Bangkok. There spent the day in an airport hotel.

After stretching my legs I got on the plane again and I made it to Sydney on October 4th.

Then for one day I walked around Sydney and decided that I wanted to get out!!! Wandering in a city is no way to get over jetlag:-)

So I left for a Jilleroo course in the outback. It was fun and a great start to get in the mood for traveling. I even got a proof that I'm a real Jilleroo!!

I looked around in Sydeny for a week, nice place!! Then the real trip began by going to Brisbane. Had a few stopovers on the way, but got there in the end and met DJ and Neil.

After that I worked on a farm and a greeny place. DJ invited me to come to her parents who live near Tamworth so I took the invitation and left Brisbane area.

I found a job at a farm somewhere in the outback of New South Wales, went back to Sydney afterwards and left for a backpackersfarm with unlimited horseriding.... I really spent 5 hours a day on horseback:-)

Around halfway December I left for Horsham. There I spent christmas and new year's eve with my dear friends Lance and Lindy.

After that I saw Adelaide, Melbourne, Philip Island and Canberra. Back to Sydney for my flight to Auckland. January 16th I landed in the land of the Kiwi's. It may appear very strange to you, but I don't have any internet friends there. But the good news is that some friends of friends moved there and I visited some of them. I worked a bit in New Zealand as well but spend most of the time traveling and seeing amazing things like gletsjers and dolphins and spending money:-).

March 15th I left for Thailand, Finally I would meet DRE!!!! Thailand is nice and cheap so I could afford a nice hotel with swimming pool in a beach resort (Pattaya). I was lazy and spent a lot of time on the beach, wich was fun.

Now I'm back.. got a job already and caught up with most of my internet friends.... but I got the memories and the photographs....

This is just a short story.. a more detailed one is coming up, with photo's ofcourse. If you want to be informed about changes on this page just mail me.