Everybody has had their first time on the internet, so don't worry if you are a bit lost here.

Just a few thing first.
First of all, make a bookmark of my homepage. Use bookmarks from the menu and choose add bookmark.
If I say click, I mean click with your left mouse button. If you have to use the right one, I will say so.
If you see an underlined word or name, move your mouse to that word or name. If you see a hand instead of a pointer, it is a link which means that if you click on it you'll get to see another site on the internet, or you can write an e-mail to the address that is in the link (most of them are to me).

OK, now my page:

My page is originally in frames (three parts in one window). If you don't have frames you had a message saying that your browser doesn't support frames. If you did you can skip the next paragraph.

The top is just a logo, you can't do anything with it. The left part (frame) is the table of contents. If you click on the subject you want to see, the subject will appear in the right frame. If you want to go to another subject, just click on it in the left frame. The one you see first is the introduction. That is in short what is on my page and it contains all the links that are in the left frame with a short description. So if you want that part back, click on introduction in the left frame.
If you used a link that moves you to another site on the internet, you can use the back button of you browser to go back to my page. If you're completely lost you can use the bookmark you made earlier. Use bookmarks from the menu and click on Poppekop, The Homepage.

If don't have frames and you have clicked on one of the subjects in the table of contents your browser has opened a new window, to go back to the contents you choose windows in your browser and then choose Poppekop, Table of contents.

If you still have questions mail me, or go to The Amstel bar. If you find somebody there they can probably help you. If you want to return afterwards to this place, you can use the back button of your browser.