I totally agree with these people. They're doing a great job!!

I still work for a living
At the moment I work for 2Organize and I like it:). I do software programming (MS Access) and use Unica Affinium software to make campaigns. The only thing that will always be a problem is getting out of my bed in wintertime. So if you have a job for me that pays enough to work only 6 hours a day, check out my completely out of date resume (guess what.. in the future it will be updated and translated) or send me an email to get a more recent one.

The downunder page is still there. You can see the most famous picture of my trip and me as a Jilleroo. If you wanna see more pics, you can take a look at My Webshots photoalbums or Photosig

I put some of my favourite sounds on my page, take a look.. uuuhhh listen I mean.

The last time I changed any of the pages is April 18th 2002.

My dear and sometimes dissapeared friends
I dedicated a separate page to all my friends, look here.
Some people have dissapeared and I have to update the links, be very patient...
Piglet is a very good textwriter (Dutch and English) and, if you're lucky she has some time to do for you!! She also makes awsome internet pages. If you want to know more, mail me.

And did you see James??? He really is cute.. even better in real life:-), but no longer single:-(

My plans for this site
Even the future page is out of date, can you believe it?? I got plenty of plans and no time:( If you have any tips at all, please mail me!!!

Talk to me!
If you want an interactive chat with me, try ICQ or Yahoo . My ICQ number is 869339 and my Yahoo id is (surprise surprise) Poppekop.

This is for all the newbies on the internet.
If you really don't know what to do next click here with your left mouse button.