Movie Review

Here you will find a short review of all the movies I see and I have to warn you...... I see loads of them!!

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Con Air

0 you should get paid to watch it
* don't waste your time
** wait till it's on video
*** not bad at all, at least see the video
**** great, make sure you see it
***** shut down your computer and get to your movie theater now!!

All Stars


This is one of the first Dutch movies that isn't so typically dutch. It is about a bunch of guys that have been playing football together since they were kids and are now, one more than the other, adults and do different things or even work in a different country but still play football every sunday.
And now their 500th match is about to happen....
Ofcourse they fall in love and fight, but above all they are friends and love each other.

It's a nice movie with some moralism but not too much, funny jokes, nice music and good dialogues. Even if you don't like football it's still worth while seeing.

Liar Liar

*** (if you hate Jim Carrey, *)

How funny can one person be!!!
Imagine being a lawyer, waiting close to becoming a partner and not being able to tell a lie. Not being able to tell the boss you like him, saying your client is innocent and having to admit all of your traffic violations... It's a nightmare!!

The story isn't much and if Jim Carrey wasn't in it it wouldn't have been in the theaters, but with him it is fun to see.

Donnie Brasco


OK it is a mafia movie and there are some scenes you shouldn't see right after dinner, but it is a nice story. The infiltrating policeman becomes real friends with a small time mafia guy. Then he has to betray him....

Great movie with two of the best actors (with the most beautiful eyes), Al Pacino and Johnny Depp.